Boundary microphones are something that every sound person should have in their kit – their unique properties make them useful in so many situations.

However, there are a few downsides: there are very few high quality boundary microphones on the market and they are all very expensive.  If one does not need a boundary microphone all the time, it’s a big investment.  Also, they can pick up vibration noise from the floor and are prone to getting trodden on – not something that you want happening to a microphone that may have cost £2,000 or so.

But now all these problems have been overcome in one fell swoop with the new “Turtle”. 

Developed in Germany by Andreas Maier of Maier Sound Design, the Turtle is a patented boundary adaptor that will convert any 19/21mm diameter microphone into a boundary microphone.

Its tough reinforced shell can take all that is thrown at it – being walked over or run over by camera dollies and the like.  Under the shell are patented Rycote “Lyre” suspensions that protect the microphone from conducted noise and vibration – holding the microphone in the boundary zone and protecting it from damage and handling noise.

The bonus – when a boundary microphone is not required, the microphone can simply be unclipped and used as normal.

Virtually any microphone with a diameter between 19mm and 21mm can be used: omni, cardioid, super-cardioid, whatever is needed.  Clip it into the “Turtle” to make a boundary microphone and unclip it at the end of the event.  Simple and effective – now everyone can afford a quality boundary microphone.

The "Turtle" can also be used for measurement microphones and also for a microphone with a knuckle-joint or gooseneck, where the microphone needs protection.

The “Turtle” is available as standard in black, but it can also be purchased in other colours (eg: red or yellow in places where it needs to stand out).  It comes complete in a wooden protective box and retails for £198 +VAT.

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